1121/1509 Basmati

This particular type of seed variety has the highest grain length from 8.35mm to 8.4mm or we can say that world's longest grain of rice. On cooking, this has elongetion to 16mm to 20mm and length to width ratio of 3.5mm to 4mm.This is also called the "Biryani rice".

We offer four varieties of 1121/1509 in Raw, Steamed, Sella, Parboiled(Golden Sella, Creamy Sella)

Key Attribute:

■ Easy to boil
■ Non sticky
■ Extra Long
■ Sweet Taste
■ Soft Texture
■ Easy To Digest
■ Delicate Curvature
■ Highly Aromatic Rice
■ Free from impurities
■ High nutritional content
■ Superfine Slender Grains


Type Rice
Variety Long grain
Style Fresh, Steamed
Kind Aromatic rice
Cultivation Type Organic
Purity: 95.00%
Min. Average Length: 8.35 mm
Moisture 13 % max
Sortex 100 % x max
Max broken Grains: 0.50%
Max damaged discolor Grains: 0.50%
Black Grains Nil
Foreign Matter Nil
Taste Sweet

Further Details:

■ The most popular basmati rice is 1121 Basmati Rice. Its elongation percentage of the grain and yielding variety is more than any other category of Rice. The 1121 Basmati Rice offered by us has a unique aroma and unforgettable taste than the other variety of the Basmati Rice